• 🔥 Added
    Import Project
    on the main interface, which supports importing directly to a new or existing project.
  • 🔥 When importing
    OpenAPI (Swagger)
    data, a new
    mode is added. For API documentation imported from
    OpenAPI (Swagger)
    , the
    Mock, Parameter Descriptions, and Response Examples
    in the
    modified in Apidog can be retained.
  • 🔥 In the API Documentation - Edit page, You can now select all and modify the
    field of the request parameters.
  • ⚡️ When there are changes in the API, Markdown, or Schemas, a message notification will be sent to third-party application platforms, which supports clicking and jumping to the corresponding file details page in the client or web version.
  • ⚡️ Optimization of message notification content for third-party application platforms.
  • ⚡️ Optimize the prompt scenario where there are spaces in the request parameters in the API Documentation - Run page, API Cases.
  • ⚡️ Partial UI style optimization.
Hi everyone! We've just released Apidog 2.2.18 for Windows , Mac, Linux and Web.
Here is a partial list of the changes:
New Features:
  • A new data model editor.
  • Support for operations on ClickHouse databases.
  • Support for using SSH tunnels when connecting to MySQL databases.
  • Ability to configure unique identifiers for APIs. Method & Path, operationId, Query parameters, Body parameters, and Header parameters are supported.
  • A new editor for Markdown documents, with new styles for notices and collapsible blocks, and an improved display of Markdown syntax.
  • API and data model modification history feature.
  • Support for OAuth 1.0 added to Auth.
  • When automatically importing from Swagger, the 'Folder' field can also be synchronized.
  • Request examples can be generated when the body of the request in the shared API document is JSON, XML, or raw.
  • Introducing a new debugging mode for API documentation, specifically designed for Code-first users, which allows sending requests when specifing APIs. The original API editing mode is now known as the Design Mode.
  • Pre and post processors are supported at the API level now, affecting all API cases under the API.
  • The pre and post processors that were previously only visible at the API case level can now be viewed at the API and directory level as well. The pre and post processors for APIs and API cases now show the effect of the operations at the parent level, making it clear which pre and post operations are actually being applied during an API's execution and allowing manual control of each level's switch.
  • Display of the document creator, reading views, and reporting functions added to the bottom of shared API documents.
  • Support mocking image byte streams.
  • Value invalidation while using variables for setting values of Header Cookie.
  • The scroll bar occasionally appears abnormal while displaying API Debug and Request results in the shrinking sidebar.
  • Style issue while hovering to APi Debug and Example value.
  • Value invalidation of Header while sending a request by pm.sendRequest in custom scripts.
Our first general public release!
  • Apidog Desktop is now available on macOS, Windows and Linux
  • Apidog Web is now available
  • API Hub is now available