• 🔥 The automation testing scenario editing page has been optimized for clearer information display and improved interaction.",
  • 🔥 Automation testing now supports configuring multiple sets of test data for a single scenario, allowing you to choose any set of test data to use.
  • 🔥 Support for copying individual operations in
    Pre and Post Actions
  • ⚡️ Enhanced styling in the interface text editing page.
  • ⚡️ Improved styling of API documentation when shared externally.
  • ⚡️ Fixed the display issue with the
    Advanced Settings
    , and
    options in the data model editor when hovering the mouse.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where adding enumeration values to data types in the data model caused frontend display anomalies.
  • 🐞 Fixed the intermittent scrollbar issue in the Markdown editor.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where the switch attribute for following remote values was not applied after modifying and saving in bulk editing.
  • 🔥 Test steps now support copying specific steps from other test scenarios.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where the
    Unsaved dot
    notification in the minimalist mode of interface documentation was inaccurate after only modifying the response definition and saving.
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue where copying a
    Custom Request
    in automation testing and then renaming it resulted in both requests being renamed.
  • 🐞 Resolved the styling issue in the dropdown list of the
    menu when there are many tabs in interface management and the names are too long.
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue where adding a post-script pm.cookies.jar().clear(pm.request.url) in automation testing caused it to remain in the executing state indefinitely.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where running results were occasionally abnormal when the number of threads in automation testing was ≥2 and the option
    Jump to Next Loop
    was selected.
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue where after batch editing global variables in environment management, continuing to modify and save did not apply the switch attribute of local values following remote values.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where the expiration time displayed incorrectly as
    Just expired
    in the security settings of online sharing.
  • 🔥 Global variables and parameters now support import/export functionality.
  • 🔥 Added support for importing global variables in Postman format.
  • 🔥 ApidogApp windows now support the
    Always on Top
    feature, allowing individual windows to be kept on top when multiple windows are open.
  • ⚡️ Improved the interaction for creating teams and projects.
  • ⚡️ Enhanced the sharing method within teams by providing a
    Copy Collaboration Link
  • ⚡️ The
    Online Debugging
    feature in public documents and online sharing now supports copying the request URL from the actual request.
  • ⚡️ Improved the style of the environment indicator.
  • ⚡️ Enhanced the interaction of the directory tree.
  • ⚡️ Improved the account settings page.
  • ⚡️ Modified the interaction behavior for modifying
    within interface documentation.
  • ⚡️ Improved the styling and interaction of the
  • ⚡️ Added shortcut key hint (Ctrl/⌘+W) for closing the current tab in the
    Automated Testing
    module when right-clicking.
  • ⚡️ Adjusted the background color of the window in Night Mode for the initial installation of the Mac application to ensure compatibility.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where batch editing of
    Global Variables
    would cause local values to become out of sync with remote values.
  • 🐞 Fixed a system compatibility problem on specific versions of Windows where clicking to enter the
    Project Page
    would occasionally result in endless loading.",
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue where clicking maximize on Windows would cause the buttons in the bottom-right corner to be obscured.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where right-clicking in certain areas of the second project while viewing the test report with multiple projects open in a single window would behave abnormally.
  • 🐞 Resolved an interaction issue where double-clicking the notification area in the header would cause the window to maximize.
  • 🐞 Addressed a system compatibility problem where the software would automatically degrade when the GPU process encountered an exception, ensuring normal opening in subsequent sessions.
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue where generating
    TypeScript model code
    using global parameters in the
    Generate Code
    feature resulted in incorrect parameter names.
  • 🐞 Resolved the issue where dragging within the
    Automated Testing
    module would occasionally trigger abnormal refreshing.
  • 🐞 Fixed the occasional failure issue when clicking
    Upgrade Now
    during the
    Check for Updates
    process in the Mac system settings interface.
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue where
    Shortcut Requests
    couldn't be saved when there were no previously sent requests.
  • 🐞 Resolved a system compatibility issue on Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems with non-English system usernames, where certain devices would experience crashes and abrupt exits when using versions 2.2.35.
  • 🐞 Fixed the intermittent issue with the
    Save as API
    functionality in shortcut requests in version 2.2.35, where saving was occasionally not possible."
  • 🔥 HTTP interface supports MessagePack serialization.
  • 🔥 When the automated tests (test cases/test suites) are completed in continuous integration, notifications can now be sent to third-party channels. (Only supported in ApidogCLI version 1.2.24 and above, please update CLI to use this feature).
  • 🔥 Improved display of request parameter module in API documentation.
  • 🔥 In the request parameter module of API documentation, now supports individual
    Generate Code
  • 🔥 Added icons to
    Runtime Environment
    and support for custom label styles for easy identification of different runtime environments.
  • ⚡️ Smart recognition of data structures, extraction of request parameters or response values as data models, can now simultaneously identify and extract field names and annotations.
  • ⚡️ Improved prompt for environment variables when debugging shared API documentation.
  • ⚡️ Interactions improved for the
    Interface Management - Left Directory Tree
    under search filtering conditions.
  • 🐞 Adapted multi-threaded testing in the automated testing module for specific Windows machines.
  • 🐞 Fixed display issues with document styles when using long meaningless strings as example values on document pages.
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue of missing validation method options in the
    Database Management SSH Connection
    dropdown selection.
  • 🐞 Fixed inaccurate display of runtime duration in the exported report of the
    Automated Testing
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue of being unable to edit the JSONPath expression preview when opening the debug of a step from the test report in the
    Automated Testing
  • 🐞 Fixed the issue of software not starting on Windows systems with specific version drivers for GPU and custom installation directory on non-system drives.
  • 🐞 Fixed incorrect boundary when the minimum value parameter of
    Mock Dynamic Values
    is set to 0.
  • 🐞 Fixed occasional crashes on specific systems when running multiple threads in the
    Automated Testing
  • 🐞 Fixed system adaptation issue where dropdown options involving code style configuration in
    Generate Business Code
    were not accessible.
  • 🐞 Fixed inconsistencies in wording between the report in
    Automated Testing
    and the internal portal, as well as similar display issues with suite and case listings in the report.
  • 🔥 Support Japanese.
  • 🔥 Support for
  • 🔥 The
    feature now supports editing of directory-level Markdown documents.
  • 🔥 When a new version is released, users can now set their own
    automatic update installation
    preferences in the
    Settings - About Apidog
  • 🔥 The right-click menu for interface test cases now includes the option to
    copy cURL
  • 🔥 On the web-based interface management page, the
    key can now be used as a shortcut for deleting items in the left-hand directory tree.
  • 🔥 When setting a
    custom domain name
    for public documents, HTTPS is now supported.
  • 🔥 It is now possible to
    import pre- and post-processing operations
    from interfaces, interface test cases, or directories into the current item being edited in the interface management page.
  • ⚡️ The interaction design of the
    advanced settings for data types
    feature in the data model editor has been improved.
  • ⚡️ When automated testing is completed, the user can now be redirected to the App/Web page to view the test report overview.
  • ⚡️ The right-click menu for
    directory nodes
    in the data model and shortcut request sections now includes the
  • ⚡️ The display position of the parameter description field in the data structure has been adjusted.
  • ⚡️ The language used for third-party notifications and overall notification experience have been improved.
  • 🐞 Resolve the issue of restricted saving of local values for environment variables and global variables in the
    visitor permissions
    of version
    of the team.
  • 🐞 Resolve compatibility issues of
    multi-threaded testing
    in the automated testing module on specific Windows machines.🐞 Resolve the issue of abnormal display of
    document style
    when using
    long string of meaningless characters
    as example values on document pages.
  • 🔥 Add Automation Testing—Iterations, which supports using variables to execute iterations.
  • 🔥 Support for referencing other test cases within automation test steps.
  • 🔥 Added
    Import Project
    on the main interface, which supports importing directly to a new or existing project.
  • 🔥 When importing
    OpenAPI (Swagger)
    data, a new
    mode is added. For API documentation imported from
    OpenAPI (Swagger)
    , the
    Mock, Parameter Descriptions, and Response Examples
    in the
    modified in Apidog can be retained.
  • 🔥 In the API Documentation - Edit page, You can now select all and modify the
    field of the request parameters.
  • ⚡️ When there are changes in the API, Markdown, or Schemas, a message notification will be sent to third-party application platforms, which supports clicking and jumping to the corresponding file details page in the client or web version.
  • ⚡️ Optimization of message notification content for third-party application platforms.
  • ⚡️ Optimize the prompt scenario where there are spaces in the request parameters in the API Documentation - Run page, API Cases.
  • ⚡️ Partial UI style optimization.
Hi everyone! We've just released Apidog 2.2.18 for Windows , Mac, Linux and Web.
Here is a partial list of the changes:
New Features:
  • A new data model editor.
  • Support for operations on ClickHouse databases.
  • Support for using SSH tunnels when connecting to MySQL databases.
  • Ability to configure unique identifiers for APIs. Method & Path, operationId, Query parameters, Body parameters, and Header parameters are supported.
  • A new editor for Markdown documents, with new styles for notices and collapsible blocks, and an improved display of Markdown syntax.
  • API and data model modification history feature.
  • Support for OAuth 1.0 added to Auth.
  • When automatically importing from Swagger, the 'Folder' field can also be synchronized.
  • Request examples can be generated when the body of the request in the shared API document is JSON, XML, or raw.
  • Introducing a new debugging mode for API documentation, specifically designed for Code-first users, which allows sending requests when specifing APIs. The original API editing mode is now known as the Design Mode.
  • Pre and post processors are supported at the API level now, affecting all API cases under the API.
  • The pre and post processors that were previously only visible at the API case level can now be viewed at the API and directory level as well. The pre and post processors for APIs and API cases now show the effect of the operations at the parent level, making it clear which pre and post operations are actually being applied during an API's execution and allowing manual control of each level's switch.
  • Display of the document creator, reading views, and reporting functions added to the bottom of shared API documents.
  • Support mocking image byte streams.
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